My son Sailor likes to ask, “what’s your story?”, so here it is in a nutshell . . .  I’m the art guy, inspired to capture in oils a little of the life and people around me. I enjoy creating and sharing visual stories of the urban experience.  My family helps create ways to share these visual stories. That could mean capturing a “moment”  within a painting, creating a mosaic, or transferring a whole scene as a giclee’.

We lived many years aboard a 1941 Navy Launch, ‘Victory’ as pirates, painting, and raising our son as we played on the beaches of the Willamette River.
Unfortunately, ‘Victory’ didn’t survive ‘The New Years storm of 2016’, but the adventure of living aboard had been wonderful.  We created many memories that not only survive, but are reflected in the people we’ve become and the art that we share today.

Most afternoons you’ll find us creating in our cottage art studio near the river.  We’re so happy to be living our story and sharing it with you!