Here we go


It seems appropriate to start a blog on Halloween, since it's one of our favorite holidays.  We think of it as 'theater week' around our home. Phil and I dressed as Klingons on our first Halloween together, and we've been playing dress up every Halloween since.

When we switched from land life to being a boat family for 16 years, Phil's 'costume' morphed into a Pirate Captain, as did he.  River life courses through his veins.  Though circumstances brought us back to land a few years back, the artist can't shake the Pirate Captain that lives in his bones.

You'll see and hear from me, right here in this space, as I chronicle Phil's continuing artistic voyage, life, quest.

And though I've dabbled with writing, I've never 'blogged'.  So hold onto your seats, we're casting off into unknown waters.

I hope you'll enjoy the Voyage with us.


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