Panorama Canvas #1 ‘Longview’ Oil on Canvas 12½”h x 72½”w


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Panorama Canvas #1, ‘Longview’

Columbia River, Oregon and Washington
Oil on Canvas 12½”h x 72½”w


This painting is the view of Longview, Washington, seen from Rainier, Oregon. So It makes sense to call the left panel Longview, and the right panel Rainier. My next door neighbor once commented that our view of the river was not the best. l replied that I rather liked the industrial aspects of the view. And so I felt I should paint it.
The pun about it being a long view of Longview is even funnier when you know that the towns name is because it was founded by Mr. Long. And although Longview is long, Rainier is not rainier, though it might be a bit windier.


Panorama Canvas #1 Longview, when paired with Panorama Canvas #2 Rainier, creates an amazing 12 foot long painting of the working waterway along the Columbia River.


A video montage of creating the Panorama


Longview is a very large, original oil painting, with an artists studio frame.

The canvas is on an extra heavy, durable, artist made stretcher.


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Blue, Green, Red

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Oil Painting


Grande, 5 feet and up

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