‘RiverPlace Marina’ Oil Painting on Canvas 18″h x 24″w


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RiverPlace Marina

Oil on Canvas   18″h x 24″w
Portland, Oregon


I painted this one standing at the edge of the waterfront “boardwalk”. Restaurants and shops line the walkway.
People talked to me every day. Most wanted to know how long it took to paint a painting. Many wanted to know where the nearest restrooms were.
A large family of Russian immigrants stopped one day. One of the adult men asked how long it took to finish a painting. I told him a month or so. Then the elder papa continued the questioning, but he only spoke Russian, so one of his sons, I assume, translated. He went right down the line: How many paintings each month, how many hours each day, how many days a week do I work, what is the gallery commission, etc. When it appeared to him that I actually worked for a living, he nodded his approval and the family went happily on.


RiverPlace Marina is an original oil painting, professionally framed.

The canvas is on a heavy, durable, artist made stretcher.


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If you have any questions regarding this painting, please email me, art@PhilFake.com

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Green, Grey, white

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Oil Painting


Medium 2 to 3 feet

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