What is an Illuminated Gicleé™?

What is an Illuminated Gicleé™?

Created and Trade Marked by Phil Fake,  Illuminated Gicleés™ are both affordable and One-Of-A-Kind.  Each pigment reproduction has the artists playful twist of painting a feature or scene, in oil paints, onto the gicleé.   

It all starts with an original oil painting.

When the artist sees a landscape that has multiple narratives, he makes an oil painting of the back scene.  A high resolution photo of the painting is used to reproduce a gicleé onto canvas. Each canvas gicleé is fit onto a stretcher frame. Then he sets to work painting until each narrative melds into the scene, creating a one-of-a-kind Illuminated Gicleé™.

Illuminated Giclée's allow art collectors to enjoy one-of-a-kind art with a twist.

These unique pieces definitely have wall power!

So, go ahead and buy Illuminated Gicleé’s, support an independent artist, and HAVE FUN shopping!