Illuminated Pigment Prints™

What is an Illuminated Pigment Print™?

Illuminated Pigment Prints are the best of two worlds. They're both an affordable work of fine art along with being an original one-of-a-kind oil painting. Each reproduction has the playful twist of painting a feature or scene, in oil paints, right onto the pigment print.

A high resolution photo of an original oil painting is used to reproduce the pigment print onto canvas. Pigment Prints use pigment inks rather than the common dye inks. Pigment inks closely resemble actual paint. The twelve color printer sprays the pigment inks onto archival paper, or canvas, one colored layer at a time, with different layers overlapping the other where needed. This process closely resembles spray painting and is the closest method to getting paint onto canvas like an artist would. This gives the images sharp details and high resolution, displaying a full-color spectrum, capturing every shade of an original work.

The Pigment Print is stretched onto a wooden frame. Then I set to work, oil painting right onto the pigment print, until each narrative melds into the scene creating an Illuminated Pigment Print™.