'Busker' print 12″h x 18″w
'Busker' print 12″h x 18″w
'Busker' print 12″h x 18″w
'Busker' print 12″h x 18″w
'Busker' print 12″h x 18″w
'Busker' print 12″h x 18″w

'Busker' offset print 12″h x 18″w unmatted

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Print 12″h x 18″w 
Image 10"h x 17½"w

One day, while I was working on the painting, “Crown Art,” a man came up to me and told me he was putting up a show at Gresham City Hall. The show was to be about the relationship between music and painting. This idea was immediately intriguing to me. Incorporating sound (music) into the landscape is directly related to my overall thesis. I told him that I would have a painting ready by show time.
I knew that there was a violinist who regularly haunted the area around Hawthorne Blvd. As I worked day after day on the setting I watched for her to ask her to pose. The two months went by and I never found her. I kept incorporating the sounds of her music into the painting, as I played it in my head. The windows as rhythm, the wires as melody, the bricks as sheet music, the ruffle in the awning and the swing of the street signals–all painted with the music in mind.
But she never showed. The painting was complete, but I went out one more time in hopes that she would be there. She was not. Instead the air filled with the music of a man known as Cello Joe. I asked him to play from the bench on my side of the building, and so I had my musician. The painting was well received at the show and done on time.
There are a few other musical metaphors hiding in there if you care to look for them.
Have fun!

This image is printed on archival gloss paper

Signed by the artist

The matting and frame are not included 

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