The Flintstones at Palio
The Flintstones at Palio

The Flintstones at Palio

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The Flinstones at Palio

An Illuminated Gicleé ™

23'h x 40"w

Artist made Studio Frame

Created and Trade Marked by Phil Fake,  Illuminated Gicleés™ are the best of two worlds.  They are affordable works of fine art and they have the artists personal touch.  Each pigment reproduction has the artists playful twist of painting a feature or scene, in oil paints, onto the gicleé.  These unique pieces definitely have wall power.

This Illuminated Gicleé™ will add color to your wall and to your parties.  The original image of the 'Ladd's Circle'  oil painting is reproduced with pigment ink onto heavy canvas.  Then Phil begins to paint.  You can see Fred and Wilma Flintstone, in oils, along with Barney and Betty Rubble.  The couples are entering the Palio Cafe, no doubt for a refreshing protein shake.  And, as a sign of the times, the young couple crossing the street are wearing their face masks.

This Illuminated Giclee™ will definitely give your guests plenty to explore and talk about. There are other tid-bits painted in, but I'll let you discover those.